Monday, September 12, 2011

Time flies when you're....really busy

Hello everyone!
        It seems like this last week was reflective of the gloomy weather we've been experiencing here in NW Ohio. I think many of my friends and family have been feeling the same way. There's just been a bad spirit over things that I'm praying soon will break. That being said, I do have some projects to share finally!

       It is traditional in our high school for  senior students to decorate their lockers, generally wrapping it in school colors and plastering their name and graduation date some where. I wanted to be a part of the trend, but I thought I might do something different. Since I'm considered the 'arty' student, why don't I put a 'masterpiece' on my locker. So I decided to draw the Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world, with my head, crazy glasses and cropped hair! Teachers and students love it, and I'm happy to bring the fine arts back in style. 
        Also this week our band director was able to pin up my backdrop additions in time for our home game last Friday. We experienced a few, problems, (canvas ripping, putting the backdrops too far up, extra canvas falling over) but over all I was happy that they were up at all and I really hope the band appreciated it for their Halloween Show.

Night on Bald Mountain: Night

Night on Bald Mountain: Dawn...with canvas spoof
          I took the day off from school today, my stomach has been giving me problems and I needed the time to catch up on some stuff. I did finally finish some character drawings I'm doing for my lunch table buddies! I drew them as various characters from Mortal Combat, DC, Marvel, and I took some artistic liberties to draw me as Xena Warrior Princess (see first drawing). I used to watch the tv show when I was really little and forgot how much I loved it. *Que warrior scream* I'm hoping I'll show them tomorrow and they'll really like them, already have other people asking me to do the same for them, which is really a mixed blessing. I think I want to create my own super hero....
No peaking!

        And now to do some housekeeping for school, including revising poems and looking at colleges and scholarships.



  1. I love your artwork. Love the decorated locker door also.

  2. that's're making my locker cover!! :D Wanna help me during 8th period art some time?? It has to have Blondie on it...I'm not sure what to do after that lol :)