Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wrapping things up...

Hey guys!

Well this is the last weekend of summer for me and it's been a mix of getting in our last kicks and getting ready for school. Although I sometimes think I should be doing more to get ready this year, on the other hand, how do you prepare for the unknown? So I guess I've been mostly focusing on spending time with family and friends.

Mom had work off yesterday (she had to considering she's been working 13 hr days lately). Most of Mom's vacationing this year has been either taking care of stuff around the house or my dad, so we wanted to try to get at least ONE good vacation day out of summer. Rather spontaneously we decided to check out a local quarry, and I'll admit at first I thought it might be better just to stay home. But it turned out to just what we needed.

Mom's sand art, arrrrgh!

    For one, the quarry was beautiful: crystal clean water and white sand, surrounded by parks and rock quarry walls. For another thing it was cheap, accessible, and not overly crowded (which means fewer things to detract from the fun). My brother and I hit the high dive first while mom started to wade around. Pretty soon we started to do our own thing, it just sorta happens that way.  Wes went to go listen to his music in the shade, mom had fun out on the shore, and me of course, the little seal that I am, had some of the best swimming I've ever had.
   The water was cool and clear, with the white sand and to reflect light off the bottom. I could dive down to 20 feet and drag my fingers through the bottom and shoot back up for air. Then I would swim across the shoreline and glide along the bank, looking up at the sunbeams coming through the surface. I was startled when a fish about the size of my hand came up to me, if I wasn't confused I could have grabbed it and been a real seal!
     It was a great trip, we all had our things to enjoy about it. It was relaxed and unconstrained which seems the opposite of what things have been. Although now mom and I are in the mood for a good fish fry...

Today on the other hand has been pretty busy. Wes had band today, mom is helping one of my older brothers move, and I had a cross country race to run this morning, which turned out okay. It was our annual Blue and White meet where our team is split into two and we race each other. I really like our team this year, I was proud to be one of the captains. Our team, the white team, lost (mostly becuase the other team had more runners than us, which makes scoring impossible). Our top runners did a phenomenal job, it wasn't a particularly great race for me though. But I'm hoping to make big improvements this year.

I'm hoping I might find some ways to prepare for school right now. My friends are having an end of the summer bonfire tonight which I'm sure will be a great kickoff to this year.  I've been reading the Bible more lately, maybe that's the best way to prepare for anything.


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